5 Ways to Tackle Arthritis Pain

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Don’t worry, there are many ways to handle arthritis. The best of the best is run through below. Read ahead to learn more.

Your Weight

Your weight can affect how easy arthritis would be to manage. Unfortunately, you may be on the heavier side. This is not what you want, as the weight could be adding pressure to your joints. The most pressure would be in spots like the hip and knees.

How would you lose weight if it hurts to move too much? Well, you’re not supposed to do strenuous activities. Think about doing light stuff – with a good diet, a significant amount of weight could be lost.


Exercise would help deal with arthritis in the long run. As mentioned, you’d lose weight, which would take the pressure off your joints. Moreover, being outdoors and moving about would help with your mood. The ailment has likely been forcing you to not be as mobile, which could have taken a toll on your mental health.

The regular movement would prevent you from contracting other diseases. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffering from arthritis tend to get heart problems.

orthopedic shoes australia
Image Source: Unsplash

A Doctor

When suffering from the ailment, it’s advised to regularly see a doctor. Appointments should be done at least 3-4 times a year. He would note everything you’re doing, and tell you the best ways to improve your mobility.

Speaking of doctors, working with a physiotherapist would be needed. He would come up with a plan that would help you adapt to life with joint pain. You might not be able to move as freely as you used to. But a lot of freedom would be back.


Hopefully, you’re aware of this. But certain shoes can help with your ailment. They would have extra support on the heels, leading to less force being exerted on your joints when you walk. If you’re interested in these orthopedic shoes Australia lets you purchase them freely from vendors online – you don’t have to see a doctor.

Hot Showers

If you’ve ever hopped in a hot shower before, you would know that the increased temperature and heat makes joints less stiff. What would also help would be having an electric blanket. It could be placed at your knees, constantly keeping you comfortable.

The cold can help as well. An ice pack on the swollen areas would numb the pain. But heat would be a more effective form of treatment.

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum all of our points up. Arthritis can be very hard to deal with – in fact, many say it’s one of the hardest ailments to handle. However, several things can help you deal with it. We discussed all of the best. They aren’t hard to implement, which is great.

From the assortment, something that would help a lot would be to reduce your weight. You may be on the heavier side, which is causing a lot of force to be exerted on your joints. What would also regularly getting exercise – being active would help with your mood.