Benefits of Saliva Testing to Your Health


One of the new methods practiced in modern medicine is the use of saliva as a way to identify issues in one’s oral health as well as other general health issues such as cancers, strokes, heart attacks etc. A lot of compounds that can be found in saliva such as different antibodies, or hormones enter the saliva through blood. Due to presence of these substances, saliva is considered to be an agent through which health issues can be diagnosed. Take a look at the following to see what are benefits of saliva testing.

No More Blood Tests

Struggling with blood testing is a problem that is faced by many. This can be due to a general fear of needles and other sharp items or even due to some bad experience in the past. However, obtaining a sample of saliva is non-invasive unlike obtaining a sample of blood which makes it easier than doing a blood test. Unlike in blood tests saliva tests does not have to worry about blood clotting or accidental transfer if diseases through unhygienic practices.

Identify the Bacteria Count

Oral health is often affected by different types of bacteria. Some of the health issues that can occur due to an imbalance in the bacteria in include the erosion of the enamel and infections on the teeth and gums. These conditions can be treated easily if they are identified quickly. Doing a saliva testing can help you to identify if there are any imbalance in the bacteria that can eventually lead these diseases.

dental saliva testing
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Saliva Flow

Not having a proper saliva flow would mean several dental problems. Low saliva flow can lead the body to find it difficult to protect the teeth from decaying. It can also lead to other problems in teeth such as tooth erosion and gum disease. However, a saliva test can let you know whether you have these diseases or not. The correct saliva flow rate depends on the age as well as the gender of a patient. You can identify any problems or differences in saliva through a complete dental saliva testing. Low saliva flow is caused by many reasons from dry mouth to taking several types of medications.

Identifying Other Health Conditions

A saliva test is not only done to identify oral health issues. It can also be used to identify other general diseases that can affect our body. A saliva test can not only be used to identify any disease that is affecting our health but can also be used to identify the activity of that disease on our body. As a result, this method of testing makes it easier to not only identify a disease but also determine which kind of medical treatments to be done.

This is the best way to get one’s health checked for those who do not prefer to deal with needles. It is also easier and allows better diagnose than blood, allowing to identify multiple health issues and to determine medications and treatments to them.