Different Sleeping Positions- The Pros and Cons

Sleeping Positions

Sleep is sometimes truly for the week; the pure joy that comes from a restful sleep is extremely underrated. With our busy schedules and lives the 8 hours of sleep may not happen but we have to take what we can get. Everyone has different sleeping positions that are comfortable to him or her.

While some tend to stay in one place others like stretching themselves over all the available space. We have the usual go to positions too that are common among many but have you ever thought of whether they are good for bad for you. Here are the types of different sleeping positions that are best and the worst for you.

Foetal position

Once a foetus, always a foetus at least the sleeping position still is. Bent into the shape of ball all hands tucked in is by far the most comfortable and safe sleeping position. This sleeping position is also good for your sleeping habits and health wise.

It is ideal for those who experience lower back pains and during pregnancy. It provides support to all the right places. However, it is important to not tighten up when you sleep. When your body is rigid in this position it can cause stress to the muscles can you wake up with sore limbs and joints.

Sleeping on your side

This is the other best possible way to sleep. Have one leg under the covers and one over feels like heaven. Sleeping on your side is quite beneficial as well. It provides support to your spine. There was a research carried out that suggested sleeping on your left can actually be better than your right. The left reduced snoring and helps improve digestion while the right can cause heartburn and soreness.

Similarly, to the foetal position, sleeping on your side can have its side effects such as tightening of muscles and strain to the neck and spine if not supported. If you are someone who loves sleeping on your side, consider getting a memory foam pillow. It is firm while also allowing your head and neck to sink in just to the right amount. It provides support and is ideal to be used even along your spine or between your legs.

Laying on your back

This sleeping position does not happen all the time but it can throughout the night, however it does provide a range of benefits. If you are someone who experiences spine and neck pains this is the best position to provide comfort and relieve pain. Provided you have a good mattress laying on your back allows your body to rest and helps it carry out its functions without any restrictions.

Laying on your stomach

This is once again comfortable but not really the best way to sleep. Laying on your stomach squashes your muscles, blood vessels and even lungs restricting proper air intake. If you do sleep in a wrong position it can result in stiff necks and sore muscles in the morning.