How to Properly Take Care of Your Hair


Hair is supposedly one of the prettiest features of a person, which is why it is essential to give all the love and care it deserves in order to be rewarded with hair that shows you off. There are many people who make very frequent trips to the salon in aid of maintaining the health of their hair, but you would realize it being unnecessary after reading through this article. There are things that should be known of in taking care of your hair, they are stated below as follows;

Scrub Your Scalp

Just like you use a body scrub, foot scrub or a face scrub it is important that you use a scrub for your scalp as well. It might seem unimportant but your scalp needs that care as well. If you don’t take care of your scalp properly you might have to end up buying anti dandruff shampoo to deal with flaking skin. Also, using a scrub on your scalp might feel soothing and relaxing while also promoting better sleep.

Wash Your Hair Perfectly

Most of us are probably washing our hair wrong. As per recommendation, we are only requested to wash the hair twice to thrice a week, washing on a daily basis leads to stripping of the natural oils resulting in dry and brittle strands of hair, which would also be a common reason for hair fall. Some other tips towards perfect washing include that shampoo should be used ONLY to the scalp and be massaged well, while conditioner is meant only for the hair and NOT the scalp. Using both of them in the intended manners would help restore the health of your hair and ensure that it is maintained with volume for a sustainable period of time.

Regular Oiling

Many kids of the younger generations choose to avoid the regular oiling practice for silly reasons as the odour or the fact that it might not look very attractive during the procedure. Well, oiling can be done for an hour before you wash your hair which would not give you too much trouble with any smell or being noticed by many people, so that’s sorted then. Oiling is important in order to lock the moisture and give your hair a little more love and care with some enhancers as well, the only difference is that this type of enhancer is not going to harm your hair in any way.

Refrain from Brushing When Wet

There is a specific reason to do manicures and pedicures after having soaked your fingers and toes in warm water, it is to soften them for easy manipulation, the same applies to hair as well. After a bath, it is normal to notice that hair is soft and vulnerable to damage, which is why it is important to avoid brushing it as strands of hair can be stretched and pulled from the scalp.

So, there you go, that’s everything you need to know about taking care of your hair. Follow the above given tips and you shall be the owner of voluminous, lustrous hair in no time.