How Workplace Massages Can Help Your Company

Head massage

While a handsome salary is sure to attract employees to your company, it is a job they enjoy doing that makes them stay. Introducing massages to your workplace can be an added benefit that your employees would be looking forward to. Not sure if this is the right choice for your company? Here are some of the reasons as to why this is:

1)    Increased productivity

If your employees are stressed with meeting deadlines and completing work for the day, they tend to reduce their efforts as a large amount of their energy was used up on stressing about the things that they have yet to accomplish. Introducing massages to your workplace can give your employees the opportunity to de-stress during office hours leaving them alert and attentive to detail.

2)    Keeps your employees relaxed & invigorated

You may think that opting for massages in the company can make your staff feel sleepy and lazy but a corporate massage is much different from a day at the spa. This type of massage helps in relieving muscle tension by focusing on the pressure points. It helps you refresh your mind.

3)    Less leaves & more accomplishments

When your employees are physically & mentally fit, you will notice a decrease in the number of leaves they take. When your employees take leave, it affects the company drastically causing postponing of deadlines and an additional work load. Providing your employees with a mean to release their stress will provide a generally healthy group of staff who take less sick days.

4)    More benefits, better employees

Introducing massages as a perk to working in your company can help you retain your best employees. You will also have more talent knocking on your door. Good employees will help you raise the standard of the company and generate more sales. Introducing such perks will show others how much you really care about your employees.

5)    Cultivating a favourable environment

After all these benefits if you are still worrying about the cost of this perk, then think again. Setting up such massage stations for your employees can help reduce anxiety that is caused by cost cutting and budget trimming. When your employees are at ease, it will create a favourable working environment and prevent internal conflicts that could destabilize the company, costing you more.

6)    Increased motivation

When your employees feel like you care by providing them with such benefits to acknowledge their hard work, they are motivated to do better. With a new level of determination comes great ideas and improved creative thinking to carry out the job to the best of their capabilities.

Besides these big benefits, it is great to improve the overall health of your employees. It is a means to improved circulation and fatigue relief. When your employees are happy, your customers are too. Introducing something unique like this to your company is not a cost. Rather it is an investment for a valuable asset: your company’s people.