The Many Uses Of Coconuts : An Overview


Coconuts are extremely useful. They can be utilized in many ways, making it one of the most beneficial fruits ever. Because of this, you can see why coconut trees are known as trees of life. This is why we’ll be discussing the many reasons why they are god’s gift to mankind. If you’re interested, keep reading.

Coconut Water

As you know, coconut water is the liquid that is inside of the coconut. It is extracted, allowing people to drink it. Not only is it a delicious beverage, but it also boasts of low calories. If you’re wondering how low, there are only 43 calories per cup. If you were to search for the benefits of coconut water, you’d find a heap of information.

It is full of health benefits. The array of electrolytes present make it a great sports drink, which many utilize after an intense work out. And, it has a large quantity of potassium ions, which regulate the effect of sodium on blood pressure, making it lower.

Because of this, coconut water is loved by many and readily used in all kinds of drinks.

Coconut Oil

The flesh of the coconut is refined, giving way for coconut oil. It is a great tool when cooking as it is a lower-calorie alternative to other types of oils, having only 117 calories in a tablespoon. This is a contrast to sunflower oil or vegetable oil as each has 120 and 124 calories per tablespoon respectively.

Moreover, it has a distinct taste that many love. This is why it is specifically sought after for specific dishes.

Coconut oil  is also great for your health. It can be used to look after your hair. Many women in Asia have utilized it, rubbing the oil into their scalp to eradicate dandruff. It’s also massaged into the hair, preventing split ends.

It’s not only great for your hair’s health but also your skin’s. Coconut oil is used to soften skin, moisturizing it when regularly massaged on. It’s also known to eliminate the most stubborn of dark circles. What’s more is that it strengthens the skin’s collagen, promoting amazing elasticity.

Coconut Shells

When it comes to the coconut, no part goes to waste. Even the outer layer of a coconut can be used for many things.

The husk of the coconut has been used to create rugs, ropes and burned as fuel for a very long time. Frankly, not many people do this anymore as it is seen as primitive. However, many still use the husks as a fabric for dressmaking.

It has become a fad for designers to use unconventional fabrics for their work, which is why many of them choose to use the hairs of coconuts.

Coconut Milk

The liquid is produced by mixing the flesh of the coconut with water. Along with its counterparts, it also comes with benefits.

Firstly, it has a delicious taste and is a staple for many curries in South and South East Asia.

It is full of fatty acids. It contains a significant quantity of lauric acid which helps the body fight infection from viruses. Moreover, as it is high in saturated fats, it is an excellent source of energy as it is considerably low in calories.

In conclusion, coconuts are very useful, and hopefully you see why.