Why You Should Be More Concerned About Your Underwear

mens underwear
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Men are not as concerned as women when it comes to underwear. As long as it is wearable and still decent, men will still use the underwear even if they have it from a long time. But there are several reasons why you should pay more attention to your underwear.

For Hygienic Purposes

Our underwear should only be used for six to 12 months. So, if you still have an underwear that you had when you were still a teenager, it’s time to throw it to an incinerator. Rummage through your underwear drawer and any underwear that is already 6 months or 1 year old, you have to throw them away for hygienic purposes.

You Might Be Wearing the Wrong Kind

Did you ever think about why women have various kinds of underwear? Some are segregating them by situations, like underwear for going out and underwear for staying in. Another practical reason is that there are different kinds of women’s underwear to match the various types of bottoms that women wear.

For example, thongs are worn under bottoms that are tight, for less visible panty lines and (low rise) underwear are for low rise pants so they will not be seen. This should also be the case for mens underwear. If you are wearing tight pants, wear briefs or if you are the boxers’ type, wear boxer briefs so it will be tighter and to provide better support.

mens underwear
Image Source: Unsplash

For Emergencies

It might be difficult for you to be concerned about underwear since you think you are the only one who could see it. But what if you got involved in an accident? Of course, by that time it is also the least of your worries since you are aching all over, but do you want to relieve the story of your accident over and over and what your family and friends will talk about is how the EMT removed your hole filled, stained and loose gartered underwear?

Yes, you are not the only one and perhaps the EMT have seen thousands of old underwear but do you want to be included in that statistics? You’d never live down the embarrassment which you could have avoided if you make it a habit to replace your underwear when they should be replaced. Another instance of an emergency that could be a case of cringeworthy anecdote if you are wearing old underwear is if you have a pants malfunction. Say, your pants got ripped.

Your first thought is going to be not that your underwear could be seem but what underwear were you wearing? With accidents like these, the probability of people seeing your underwear is very likely and if you are wearing nice underwear what they will remember and talk about is how sexy you looked with your nice brief or boxers exposed.

With underwear even if you don’t regularly use them, you would soon realize that the elastic becomes loose. Once this happens, the underwear would not fit you anymore even if you don’t frequently use them and would soon needs replacing.