What You Need to Know About Acupuncture for Foot Pain


Acupuncture is a globally recognized form of treatment. Through inserting tiny needles into specific acupoints, acupuncture Melbourne professionals can effectively stimulate blood flow and encourage healing, pain relief and stress reduction. A suitable solution for the likes of stiff joints, muscle aches, migraines and a variety of different health concerns, acupuncture has been proven to assist with hormone balance, pain alleviation and relaxation.

One of the most popular reasons why patients visit acupuncture Melbourne CBD clinics is for foot-related pain. A number of different foot conditions can impact the life of various people. From sports injuries through to heel pain, acupuncture can treat the problem and help patients feel and function normally again.

Types of Foot Pain and Causes

There are a variety of different foot-pain related issues that acupuncture Melbourne practitioners can successfully target with acupuncture. With many acupoints located on the foot that allow for healing, blood flow and pain relief, acupuncture has been known to improve the likes of:

Plantar fasciitis and heel pain

Bunions, heel spurs and neuromas

Nerve, ligament or tendon damage as result of injury

Sprains and strains

Foot pain can be caused by a variety of different factors. Things like poor posture, improper footwear, poor walking or running technique, sports injury and overuse can all come into play in contributing to pain and built-up tension. Acupuncture can assist with many of these issues thanks to its ability to target certain points, improve blood flow and release natural painkillers. As a result, acupuncturists can treat patients of all backgrounds, ranging from athletes through to elderly patients.

Finding the Root and Relieving the Symptoms

Visiting a reputable acupuncture Melbourne CBD clinic is a natural way to improve foot pain and target the root of the problem. Professional acupuncturists work to investigate the underlying cause of the issue and implement treatments that can help relieve the pain from your problem area. For example, plantar fasciitis can stem from problems like wearing high heels or being overweight.

Once the acupuncturist knows what’s causing your foot pain, they can decide on the best acupoints to stimulate blood flow, encourage healing agents and promote a more effective recovery. Used as a rehabilitation method for foot pain and injury, acupuncture helps the patient feel comfortable enough to use their feet and legs normally again, which is an integral part of recovering from the likes of tears and tendon damage. Acupuncture relies on balancing out the flow of energy, blood and hormones while relieving both emotional and physical strain.

There are acupoints on the foot that can help to fast-track recovery and alleviate pain. Foot and ankle pain relief typically involves tiny acupuncture needles being used on the heel, sole and toes. Interestingly, these acupoints located on the foot also provide many other kinds of health benefits and improvements. Patients often visit acupuncture Melbourne professionals for other health concerns across the body, with acupoints in the foot being specifically targeted in their treatments.