The Top Benefits of an Inpatient Drug Rehab


There are many ways to do different things and this is true too for breaking free from drug addiction. Some people just decide to stop on their own for reasons best known to them. Some decide to be outpatients in rehab facilities and some decide to be inpatients in rehab facilities. If you critically think about the three options, being an inpatient at a rehab facility when you are fighting an addiction is the safest and most assuring option.

Cold Turkey

It means just stopping to use a drug. One decides that they will not use the drug they are addicted to and they stop. It is not as easy as it sounds because when you are doing it alone it just gets that much harder. You are the patient and the doctor because you have to monitor yourself. It can get overwhelming.


When you are an outpatient it means, you will get professional supervision and psychological support when you visit a Drug Rehab. You will have a program that will lead to your recovery and it is a go-to option if you cannot afford to pay for the inpatient option. There are benefits that you will miss out that are present in an inpatient rehab facility though. It is also a great option if you are lucky to have loved ones at home who support you and who you go back to after you visit the rehab.


Inpatient rehab facilities are the most effective and have the most benefits too. These include:


The Drug Rehab structure is unique thus cannot be easily found in any other place. Their time is on a schedule to involve productive activities, nurturing to the progress, and healing of their patients. This means they have minimal free time, which means they keep their minds from thinking about drugs. This also prevents relapse.

Support and Supervision

Being an inpatient in a Drug Rehab facility translates to having access to professional support, medical care, and psychological support at all times. This kind of support is essential for recovery and effective results of the program. It will also prevent relapses, which happen during the early stages of recovery mostly. When one gets a detox and they are undergoing withdrawal symptoms even of the mental kind, it really helps if they have the right kind of supervision and counseling for emotional support.

No Access to Drugs

As inpatient stays at the rehab always, where there are no drugs and are under constant supervision even if they happen to go out. Going cold turkey or being an outpatient still means that you can get to the drugs and sometimes you may find it difficult to fight the temptation. For inpatients, there is also limited phone calls, no or supervised visits which limit bringing in of drugs and substances.

Complete focus on the self

Inpatients are the point of focus and distractions that may be stressful are disallowed. This is important to the recovery process.

Therapy and Tools for Recovery

Yoga, massage, exercises, and meditations are offered among other kinds of therapy. The inpatient rehab also continues to support the individual when they leave. They give them coping tools for example when they face cravings.