What to eat in order to avoid snoring?


Now, we’ve heard a lot of jokes about snoring, the comic relief in all the movies snore loudly. All the female villains have no grace, hence they snore. While, we cannot comment on the political accuracy which these basic stereotypes have but we can all realize that snoring is a problem that almost all of us have faced at some point or the other.

IF you were fortunate enough to never have to go through this medical condition, called sleep apnea, then you must have come across someone or the other, in your family or even group of friends. The snoring is more often than not, an inconvenience to others. But, excessive snoring may also mean that a person’s health may be failing due to a bad lifestyle or excess fat around the throat.

Sleep apnea can even become fatal and there is no reason one should trivialize it. Why do we snore? When your muscles fail to expand properly, air flow is often restricted which leads to the individual having to grasp for air ever so often. While good diet may not be a hundred percent effective in case of apnea, change is often gradual. This is why certain foods can be added to the diet in order to avoid or control snoring.

Let’s take a keen look at what some of these food products are:

Soy Milk-

Regular dairy has a lactose base. Some of us may be allergic to lactose while others may feel constricted due to the lactose element. The lactose may lead to swelling in the nasal passage which leads to your airway becoming blocked. Further, dairy also encourages mucus formation which ultimately makes it difficult to breath.

Thus replacing regular milk with soy milk can help you counter such problems.


Whenever you happen to have a cold or may be accumulating phlegm due to a cough, what happens is that you find yourself craving for tea. This is largely because warm or hot tea really helps our inflamed throat feel a little better.

The boiling water in teas as well as the essence of the tea leaves reduce congestion by clearing the throat and nose. Ultimately, this leads to reduced snoring.


Your larynx and throat muscles are really inflamed especially when you have issues such as apnea or excessive snoring. Honey helps reduce inflammation with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

This is the reason why honey is an important ingredient in almost all cough syrups as well as lozenges. A mixture of honey and tea can ensure that the bacteria that causes inflammation dies down.


Now, this is a healthy lifestyle choice which will not only help you curb your snoring but also allow for the individual to shed a few pounds. The journey from red meat to fish will ensure that the inflammation caused by red meat is no longer there.

This will lead to a decrease in snoring.


While onions may not be the most fragrant of vegetables; they are quite useful as a remedy to snoring. You will never again have to look for a solution to your snoring problem if you add onions to your diet along with the rest of these items.

If you’re still asking the question, “why do we snore?”, then it’s time you adopt some of these food items in your diet or just used anti-snoring nasal spray, Asonor.