Breastfeeding More Comfortable and Convenient

nursing bras
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Every seasoned mom knows that breastfeeding is really a challenging task, based on their personal experiences. There are plenty of challenges to face – from sore nipples, leaking milk, back pain, and many more. However, all of those sacrifices are worth it with the best nutrition moms could give to their baby.

For new moms out there, you might be thinking if there are some ways to make breastfeeding more comfortable or convenient. If you’re one of those, you’ve actually come to the right place since here are some simple things you need for a more comfortable breastfeeding experience.

Invest in a Breastfeeding Pillow

Back pain is a common problem for breastfeeding moms. It is caused by the prolonged posture you have while holding baby during feeding. A good breastfeeding pillow helps solve this problem. It elevates your little one at just the perfect height while feeding so you don’t need to stoop too low or strain your arms in holding baby.

Comfort Packs and Nipple Cream

Pain is a common thing while breastfeeding. At first, you’ll experience sore breasts when it gets engorged with milk. You can get relief from this by applying comfort packs on your breasts when it feels sore. You could either have it cold or warm, depending on which feels more comfortable to you. Cracked and sore nipples are another painful issue for breastfeeding moms. A nipple cream works wonders in this condition. Simply apply an adequate amount of cream into the nipples to soothe it.

Build Your Nursing Wardrobe

If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby fully, you need to build a nursing wardrobe to make things easier and convenient for you and your little one while feeding. Start with a few pieces of nursing bras. They provide the perfect support plus the pads are easy to detach for quick access during feeding time especially when your outdoors.

nursing bras
Image Source: Pexels

Complete your nursing wardrobe with the right pieces of clothing such as buttoned or zipped tops, nursing tank tops and scarves for cover ups. Dresses are not recommended when you’re breastfeeding because of its restrictive access. Choose loose clothing rather than tight fitted ones for maximum comfort and movability while feeding.

Get Some Nursing Pads

Leaking breasts are another common issue for breastfeeding moms and its normal yet might feel embarrassing for some. Since the breast gets engorged with milk, the excess leaks outside to relieve the pressure from within.

To prevent that leak patches from coming out and staining your top, wear nursing pads under your bra for an extra layer of protection. Wear heavy duty ones at times when you’re feeding is less frequent such as when you’re at work or away from baby. Opt for lighter ones for regular wear or when you could feed baby on demand.

With those simple must-haves, you can actually make your breastfeeding journey a little bit lighter and less stressful than the usual. Be sure to have it all prepared especially when your little one is about to come out.